The territory consists of a regular and very compact mass which compresses the site and creates limits. The intervention area is surrounded by streets that mark and interact with the space. Each with it’s time, speed and direction.
Through the streets, establishing hypothetical axis of communication – natural walkways – direct paths connect several points in the site. Lines that cross between themselves and rise to a focal point of intersection that results in the community center building.

With the surrounding pressure and the insertion of new walkways, built form is compressed, twisted and shattered, resulting in four elements – fragmented forms. These elements contain the basic functions for the community centre and create an enclosed space at its centre which offers a gathering point for the community.

In partnership with morfoLL.




What is luxury?
Find a new way of life that bring us more freedom and quality of life.
By moving your house to anywhere… on the beach, in the mountains or in town.

“THE BUBBLE” is a temporary modular structure to implement overall the world. It consists in a bubble-shaped structure of easy handling and transportation. It serves both purpose; utility and is integrated organically into the landscape, in order to adapt to different environments.




Modular Structure Baywatch – Life Guards look out.
The proposal aims to find a solution that is integrated organically into the landscape. A structure which take inspiration from Ammophila Arenaria plant, common in coastal landscapes that has in its malleable, adapting according to the different climates and seasons, has the function to support and preserve the dune formations.
For the project in question proposes a removable articulated structure in pine glued laminated and protection (stop-and wind coverage) on canvas, easily integrated into coastal or river banks, visual expression that refers to values ​​of Lighthouse – March territorial and shell – host / protection.

In partnership with C3 L.